Wonders Of The World

Something I spotted whilst flicking through Vogue recently.
Ever wondered what happens to a stuffed tiger once photographed in a Mcqueen shoot or maybe even  a discarded parasol umbrella from Christian Dior...well look no further than SHOW STUDIO.  SHOWstudio is an online broadcasting company that is committed to pioneering live fashion media through experimental interactive porjects, films and performance.

The studio is headed by photographer Nick Knight and since 2000 has worked with top fashion industry figures from Kate Moss to Agyness Deyn. With a keen interest in investigating the potential of motion imagery, interactivity and image making, SHOW aims to transform fashion editorial with fresh ideas. This, alongside industry collaborations has allowed SHOW to offer a rare and  'insider' view of the high end fashion world, updated 24 hours a day.

Projects include:
'Sleep', the first webcast featuring models sleeping. 2001
‘Bring & Buy’ project in collaboration with i-D magazine raises £19,200 for Oxfam. 2003
24HRS’, a twenty-four hour live fashion broadcast in collaboration with Yves Saint Laurent. 2006

Nick Knight describes his brainchild as:
"…  the belief that showing the entire creative process—from conception to completion—is beneficial for the artist, the audience and the art itself.”

Visit http://shop.showstudio.com/index.php if you feel like purchasing something out of the ordinary, there are a few weird and wonderful props on offer. Perhaps a giant poodle puppet from Vogue for £6,000!

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