Lego Couture

As a kid, I remember how iconic this brand had become in the land of toys but I still find it bizarre how little coloured bricks can become a trendsetter. It seems  LEGO has been appearing in all sorts of unlikely applications from watches to cameras, bags and belts, to usb sticks, mobile phones and even cupcakes. But what I find most fascinating is the application of a retro toy into high fashion design. Executions include an ad for fashion house Lanvi, which used colour-spray guns made from LEGO in a recent campaign and  a cute fashion show video by Jean-Charles de Castelbajac which cast LEGO figures as catwalk models!
The success of LEGO COUTURE is part of an underlying bigger trend: the unexpected revival of iconic 80's brands. I find the importance of brand loyalty and the impact of this interesting.

 So what did LEGO do in a past life? 

The idea in 'reviving' a product seems to be key to any branding success, particularly when re invention appears in a completely different industry!

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