Wit & Wool

When I think of knitting it's hard not to imagine little old ladies sitting in rocking chairs sipping tea from ancient china cups placed on lace doillys. But for something thats was once 'granny-fied' and old fashioned is actually now on trend. 

Kate Jenkins is an artist based in Brighton known for her flair for everything KNIT. She launched her fashion label Cardigan in 2003 and has previously worked for the likes of Marc Jacobs, Missoni and Donna Karan. 

Her first first solo art show in June at Charlotte Street Gallery was transformed into Kate’s Café, a fantasy café brimming with beautifully knitted food artworks. On the menu she served wool-worked fish and chips, fried breakfasts on knitted plates, with knitted tomato ketchup bottles and mustard pots. Cake stands were delicately stacked with perfectly knitted cakes and crocheted sugar-coated mini doughnuts. 

Even tea was served in knitted cups and saucers!  

It's nice to see something so unique, as well as seeing knitting in a new light. I love the intricacy and detailing of her stitching, I feel it not only shows how talent but also her dedication and passion to knit.

Check out her site...there doesn't seem to be anything that Kate can't knit!


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