McCann's Office

In April, I was lucky enough to work at McCann Ericksson. 

A global advertising agency network, with offices in over 130 countries, Mccan are second in the top 100 ad agencies worldwide.
The placement took place at their London office in Russel Square.

The office itself used to be a retro car park so the building was constructed like a giant spiral staircase. 

Every element of the decor has been painted white with black sketchy ink illustrations scrawled across it. Each illustration is unique, and somewhat random. 

Imagine allowing a big friendly giant to doodle all over the walls, that kind of thing. I was constantly admiring and taking in every snippet of 'inspiration', as I made my way to make my cup of tea!

With the sketches and brainstorms scattered here and there, it was almost like being able to roam around a creative brain. It really does give you insight into McCann's ethos and I suppose their aim is to make you feel apart of that. 

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  1. Did one person do all the illustrating or is it different designers??

    It looks really cool though!