Colour By Numbers




I accidentally stumbled across this wallpaper. A research project exploring 

"the neurological, cognitive and contextual bases underpinning the impact of visual stimuli such as colour and light and how people's moods can be expresses in design through a creative, scientifically-led design process" 

It sounds complicated but ultimately the project aims to create a new design methodology for bespoke, end-user created designs that can have a positive effect on their environment.

Walltherapy began in April 2003 and was a collaboration between Rachel Wingfield and flour aiming to bring together areas of design with neuroscience and colour science. The project was first presented at Designersblock 2003 in London and later at Bury St Edmunds Art Gallery in an exhibition called NaturalHabitat. In the exhibition people are invited to paint the paint-by-numbers-wallpaper after being prescribed a colour from undergoing a short comparative test.

The test enables anyone to create their own highly individual personal environment from their psychophysically determined colour preferences to suit and possibly enhance a sense of well-being. 

The finished wallpaper should prescribe each individual with a personal colour, pattern and texture and then walltherapy will allow them to do one of two things: allow them to paint the wallpaper themselves or print out a wallpaper that has been specifically designed.

I love the 'individuality' this project brings, as no one design will ever be the same. I'm also interested in experiments involving creativity and psychology. 

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