All Things Magical

At the start of September I did some work experience with Warner Bros, it was pretty brief as they were fully booked with interns and I was returning to uni...but nevertheless it gave me a great insight into the film industry as a creative. I worked in the art department for Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows.  

I got involved with anything from with model building, delivering technical set drawings, making cups of tea and assisting the graphic design team.....

....including designing wand labels for Gregorovitch's wand shop.

A final addition to my year in industry.

Photographic sculpture or sculptural photography?

Korean sculptor  Gwon Osang creates  life-size portrait figures merely by using series of photos and polystyrene. He starts by several hundred photographs of his model from every angle and pastes the resulting skin onto a carved boday shape.  Slightly odd but still cool!

Big Softies

Apparently the world to dutch artist, Florentijn Hofman is a huge playground. His work is known for his intriguing use of public space.  This project, Dushi is my favourite. A solo show inspired by toys where a change in scale changes their function and feeling.

Studio Martel. Kalou Dubus

Created by Paris designer, Kalou Dubus who really captures spectacular art direction if not slightly surreal scenography.


"This is an hommage (six months in), an attempt to create cover art for every great magazine I own (+ a few I wish I owned). It's never a straight crib and it's not about perfection, the source magazines are simply a playground for my imagination..." (John Thurlow).

Laura Laine

I really love these by finnish fashion illustrator, Laura Laine. Her drawings are girly, yet high fashion chic, working for the likes of the NY Times T Magazine,Tommy Hilfiger and GQ. 

Enjoy more at

Dirty Poster

I thought this project by NY born graphic designer, Roland Tiangco was quite intriguing. 

Titled Dirt Po(or)ster, the project allows the recipient to complete a poster by revealing spot-varnished type through handling. Part of a series of posters, its a clever idea which allows mediums like posters to be interpreted using the rest of our senses other than seeing.

Nike + Kustaa Saksi

1948 is Nike’s creative playground-retail store in Shoreditch, London. In addition to displaying and selling shoes, 1948 offers an entire art floor for fun events and installations.
The installation created by Finland-born creative Kustaa Saksi is all about the historical fun journey of the Nike running shoe. The design has a pop-art, retro feel that fits Nike's brand history. 
Saksi himself is in many media, including print, sculpture and now also more frequently 3D. His book, Offpiste (2008), features recent work. In addition to Nike, Saksi’s other clients includes Diesel, Issey Miyake, Lacoste, Levi's, New York Times, Mercedes Benz, MTV, Playboy and Wallpaper.