Marjolijn Mandersloot

Decibel, 2008, bronze
Itch, 2008, bronze 

De Vondeling, 2007, aluminium

Very cute but not very cuddly! A series of bronze and aluminum sculptures by Mandersloot.

Robinson's Birdhouse

Agency: BBH, London 
Creative Director: Nick Gill 
Art Director: Dave Monk 
Copywriter: Matt Waller 
Production Company: Rattling Stick 
Director: Andy McLeod

McQueen's Live Fashion Feed

Having worked at Alexander McQueen on placement, I was eagerly waiting for the SS10 show in Paris. On Tuesday, Mcqueen and Showstudio joined forces to provide one of the  first live catwalk broadcasts, allowing my wait to come to an end.

I visited McQueen's website to get a direct link to the live streaming but there were a few technical glitches. This meant that many fashion lovers missed the live stream because they failed to connect, including me. Luckily the problem was worldwide and not just my tired macbook, as the extensive number of people trying to connect had in fact flawed the system. A later on demand stream was posted so everyone who missed out, did finally get to capture some McQueen magic. Perhaps next time more thinking needs to done to avoid a system meltdown once again. 

The stream was more successful than first imagined, as the creators had obviously not configured the system to deal with huge online numbers. It has also sparked a new age in catwalk shows, as Louis Vuitton will continue in McQueen's footsteps.

Enjoy 'Plato's Atlantis'!

P.s. heres a couple of things that caught my eye...

Hey Whip

Whilst on placement in Adland, I was told to buy this book if I was thinking about a future in advertising...

Luke Sullivan looks at the history of advertising, from the good, to the bad, to the ugly. Apparently the book gives the reader the best ad advice for traditional media as well as an updated version covering possibilities of new media and technologies. Overall the bulk of the book establishes why bad ads sometimes work, why great ads fail, and how you can balance creative work which can sell. 

Something extra to add to my Christmas list. 

A Book for Producing Ideas

This book was given to me about a year ago.

Since its publication in 1965, A Technique for Producing Ideas has helped thousands of advertising copywriters smash through internal barriers to unleash their creativity. Professionals from poets and painters to scientists and engineers have also used the techniques in this concise, powerful book to generate exciting ideas on demand, at any time, on any subject. 

It's a small read, but very influential as James unravels the mysteries of the creative thinking process.

More creative advice from Mario

Another amazing book by Mario! 

Pricken's previous book, Creative Advertising, sparked the imaginations of creative professionals. Now Visual Creativity goes one step further.

This practical guide is filled with tips and techniques specifically designed to create whole new worlds of visual ideas. This covers exercises and methods to help all creatives hone their gifted capabilities, produce inspirational campaigns, and move in new directions. I currently have this on loan from the Edward Boyle.

Doctor Parnassus's Imaginarium

The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus is an upcoming fantasy film directed by Terry Gilliam and written by Gilliam and Charles McKeown. The film follows the leader of a travelling theatre troupe who, having made a deal with the Devil, takes audience members through a magical mirror to explore their imaginations.

Christopher PlummerTom Waits, and Heath Ledger star in the film, though Ledger's death 1/3 of the way through filming caused production to be temporarily suspended. Ledger's role was recast with Johnny DeppJude Law, and Colin Farrell portraying transformations of Ledger's character Tony as he travels through a dream world. 

I can't wait to see this, as research for my independent project aims to understand the importance of the imagination.