McQueen's Live Fashion Feed

Having worked at Alexander McQueen on placement, I was eagerly waiting for the SS10 show in Paris. On Tuesday, Mcqueen and Showstudio joined forces to provide one of the  first live catwalk broadcasts, allowing my wait to come to an end.

I visited McQueen's website to get a direct link to the live streaming but there were a few technical glitches. This meant that many fashion lovers missed the live stream because they failed to connect, including me. Luckily the problem was worldwide and not just my tired macbook, as the extensive number of people trying to connect had in fact flawed the system. A later on demand stream was posted so everyone who missed out, did finally get to capture some McQueen magic. Perhaps next time more thinking needs to done to avoid a system meltdown once again. 

The stream was more successful than first imagined, as the creators had obviously not configured the system to deal with huge online numbers. It has also sparked a new age in catwalk shows, as Louis Vuitton will continue in McQueen's footsteps.

Enjoy 'Plato's Atlantis'!

P.s. heres a couple of things that caught my eye...

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