The 13 year old fashion blogger

I recently heard about this in the press and it puts my blog to shame....

Tavi Gevinson, is a teenage fashion blogger from the suburbs of Chicago.

She describes herself as a "tiny 13-year-old dork that sits inside all day wearing awkward jackets and pretty hats". Since launching her blog in December Tavi has appeared on the cover of Dasha Zhukova's relaunched Pop magazine, been interviewed by Pixie Geldof in Katie Grand's new issue of Love, and has been pictured on the front rows of this season's biggest fashion shows, with editors and celebrities seated behind her.

Gevinson's blog was initially believed to be a fake created by fashion insiders because it was so professional, and features analysis of magazines and photographs of her daily outfits. I'm sure we'll see her working as a top editor for Vogue in a few short years.

Have a peek:

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  1. Tavi is a really cool girl! I hope my blog is like hers someday too! I love your blog though! Well, please check out my blog when you get the chance! :)
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