Green Coke

Yes, coke is going green and they needed 200,000 crushed cans to do so. To mark Recycle Week, a 1940s Coke ad was recreated using 200,000 crushed cans . The 50m long artwork was created on the Sussex coast and took a week to complete. 

It's based on this 1949 billboard ad by artist Haddon Sundblom who painted many of Coke's most famous poster images.

With this, Coke aims to encourage people to recycle their used  cans. "At the end of the Recycle Week [June 22-28] each of the 200,000 cans will be recycled saving enough energy to keep a television running for seventy years".

Apparently Coke is working with the recycling bodyWRAP to install Recycle Zones around the UK in public places like parks and shopping centres.

I like the idea of using the little pieces to make up the bigger picture.

It's good to see Coke doing their bit for the environment.

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