Walking Through My Mind: Hayward Gallery

Yayoi Kusama

Is an expedition into the mysterious mental processes of creativity. The journey sees ten contemporary artists investigate the nature of ways of thinking and perception through drawing, video or sculpture. Each environment created can be explored by walking through the artists' mind. 
Thomas Hirschhorn
Chihara Shiota
I liked:
'My Drawing Room" by Yoshimoto Nara
Is part Wendy house, part shack, a recreation of Nara's student room which houses everything needed for a solitary life as an artist. This consists of doodles, drawings and sculptures. Apparently Nara spent many hours drawing alone, with quite an isolated childhood. But he was happy. His inspirations lie with Japanese anime, western pop culture and punk music. 

Overall I really found the exhibition intriguing, how the brain is pictured through dreams and hallucinations. Particularly the idea of a fabricated imagination, memory and childhood. 

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